Michel Tirabosco


They were born in Marseille, Rome, Arles, thus all made their first steps in the sun spoilt Mediterranean basin.


Quartet and Ensemble

Michel Tirabosco, panpipes
Sophie Tirabosco, song
Béatrice Meynet, accordion
Jean-Marie Reboul, piano
with Yves Marguet, bass
and Louis Delignon, percussion

photo: Clément Rousset

At least for the duration of a concert they challenged themselves to highlight the brilliance of Southern music, whether it is rooted in the Latin, oriental or gipsy traditions. With vigour and spirit, charm and sensitiveness, they tried to enrich the most beautiful popular tunes by means of high quality arrangements created especially for this unusual and brilliant ensemble.

Colourful, Bella Terra amalgamates graciousness and virtuosity. They play on a vast range of varied and full sounds. The musical world tour gives its rightful place to gipsy melodies of the Balkans, takes part in fiestas in Southern America, highlights the accents of the Mediterranean basin, of Italy and its Neapolitan love songs. On the way, the audience will be given to laughter and to crying.

It's music, music, music...

The curtain lifts and two musicians make their entrance on the stage. One takes his seat at the piano, the other grabs his panpipes. You would expect a concert of the classical sort, wouldn't you? Well, not quite, since nothing happens the "usual" way...


Humoristic spectacle

featuring Michel Tirabosco and Stéphane Mayer

by Sophie Tirabosco
Stage-director: Dimitri Anzules
Sound : Benoît Saillet
Lighting : Jérôme Burdet

photo: Kathelijne Reijse Saillet

Affectionate, comical and funny, the two friends from childhood form an extraordinary pair on stage. They are about to embark upon an unexpected settlement of accounts.
Always intent on giving events a surprising turn, Michel Tirabosco and Stéphane Mayer bring their talents into play in their own and queer way, be that with a bottle, a melodeon or an ukulele, all this to the great joy of their audience.
Thanks to their inexhaustible flow of wits, they present a show relating musical history in an absolutely jubilant way. Vivaldi rubs himself at Hard Rock, Ravel competes with Jazz, and very discretely Swiss Yodel also finds its way onto the stage. So, make yourself comfortable and ... just enjoy!
Suitable to any audience.

Here is what you had always wanted to know about panpipes.

(The enchanted Word of panpipes)

Michel Tirabosco, panpipes
Sophie Tirabosco, guitar, song, tale

photo: Clément Rousset

The Duo Tirabosco offers an original, fresh and joyfully-instructive concert, which will allow you to better understand and appreciate this unusual instrument. Michel Tirabosco's splendid flow of wits is inexhaustible. A twinkling of an eye to his partner, and he will imitate a nightingale or a mandolin. And what if he feels like playing a whole gamut on a single pipe? Off he goes! Sophie Tirabosco, by the way an enchanting and charming story-teller, challenges her partner to demonstrate his instrument's incredible richness. Just watch the way he goes about doing this ! How about you, are you able to sing in the language of the Kiwis (New Zealanders) ?
From the first sounds to the great orchestras, from Vivaldi and Mozart to Romanian and Latin-American tunes, the audience is taken through a universe of anecdotes in which panpipes are omnipresent. Accomplices on stage as well as in life, the two musicians are having a great time under the eyes of and to the immense joy of their audience. They have performed "The Enchanting World of Panpipes" (Le jardin enchanté de la flûte de pan) about one hundred times in Switzerland, in France as well as in Australia. The album "Nomades" was derived from this concert, registered upon their return from a 14-months trip around the world.

Trio panpipes, accordion and mandolin

Michel Tirabosco, panpipes
Denis Fedorov, accordion
Yulia Zimina, mandolin

The trio pan flute, accordion and mandolin was born in 2009. Idea to dialogue these three unusual instruments immediately attracted musicians. If the pan flute, accordion and mandolin do not have their place in the family of orchestral instruments, quality arrangements and breathtaking technique of these three musicians only reinforce the urgency of the associate in concert.
It is therefore natural that the three musicians begin their concert of Baroque music by A. Vivaldi and JS Bach. Curious to address several different and offer the public a varied program, Michel Denis and Yulia styles play high works in color and rich in expression. So you can hear three instruments playing parts sometimes lyrical, naughty or joyful in arias by Mozart and Brahms Hungarian dances, ending with Neapolitan songs.

The trio pan flute, accordion and mandolin in concert (press)

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These three musicians bring together virtuosity and a great talent for interpretation, which lend brilliance and energy to the Ensemble. The Michel Tirabosco Trio offers moving concerts from which emanate authentic warmth and sensitivity. A real understanding unites these passionate musicians.


Michel Tirabosco, panpipes
Franck Cottet-Dumoulin, double bass
Jean-Marie Reboul, piano

photo: Franck Cortot

The diversity of selected works also contributes to give the Trio the undeniable ability to interpret varied styles of music and thus satisfy a very large audience: tango, traditional popular pieces, Spanish pieces, South American and Rumanian folk repertoire, Jazz... There is no doubt that so much diversity, talent and passion joined together in one entity is the promise of a marvellous concert.

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