Michel Tirabosco


Michel Tirabosco revolutionised the world of panpipes by tuning his in C Major and adding a first pipe in C, thus covering the same register as the flute.

Manufacture Ionut Preda

So as to allow him to play classical music, Michel Tirabosco had the diameter, the thickness as well as the length of the pipes adapted accordingly. Impassioned, a fierce lover of the sound and the legato, he is intent on always improving the sonorous and expressive richness of his instrument.

Manufacture Santi Occorso

Michel thanks all his panpipe manufacturers most profusely for their support, their friendship and their generosity. He feels privileged to be able to profit from panpipes made by Ionut Preda (Romania), Antonio Tirabosco (Geneva), Santi Occorso (Ticino), Steffen K├╝ttner (Germany) and Marek Tesluk (Poland).

Santi Occorso and Michel at work.