Michel Tirabosco

A Classically trained and a concert performer since age of 14, Michel Tirabosco has an International career, elevating the panpipes to the ranks of the great soloist instruments

Extract : Blue rondo

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Photo : Kathelijne Reijse Saillet

TĂȘte de flûte et gueule de piano

by Michel Tirabosco and Stéphane Mayer
Humoristic spectacle by Sophie Tirabosco
Stage-director: Dimitri Anzules

A production of the association "Friends of Michel Tirabosco" on 24.11., 27.11., 10.12. and 20.12.

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"Association Friends of Michel Tirabosco"

The purpose of the "Association Friends of Michel Tirabosco" is to promote anything related to Michel Tirabosco's musical activities. With this in mind, they organize and finance concerts, manifestations, events, as well as musical sound recordings and all other activities pursuing this goal, thereby contributing to his radiation and reputation. By visiting the Association's website, you will get more information: click HERE


Michel's music video : La Folia

From the humoristic spectacle
Tête de flûte et gueule de piano